The inspection before the sale shouldn’t be the only time you see what’s going on.

  • broken pipe

    Avoid expensive emergency repairs and surprises.

    There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a broken fridge or busted furnace.

    With HousePartner you keep track of what items may need repairs soon, as well as the last time they were serviced. So you can save the surprises for birthdays.

  • increase longevity of appliances

    Increase the longevity of important systems in your home.

    You’ll get an expert who looks at things you likely haven’t paid much attention to.

    Plan ahead by knowing what needs taken care of and how to budget for things down the road.

  • raise home value

    Raise your home value.

    Imagine being able to pass on information about the important work you’ve done.

    Feature the way you’ve taken care of your home and avoid surprises during a sale.

  • keep family safe

    Keep your family safe.

    Gain peace of mind knowing you’ve got a handle on potential problem areas throughout your home.

    Avoid a scary situation by focusing on keeping your loved ones safe. Take the simple steps to help you sleep at night.

How well do you really know your home?